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Being away from home is an adventure that with the time turns into ‘saudade’ (a feeling of longing, a nostalgia that is supposedly characteristic of the Brazilian culture) and the best way for us to feel closer to our homes is through the food. Brazilian Cafe, which had a start catering for the tennis public turned, with the time, into the Brazilian Hub in North Shore conquering the Kiwis and foreigners with our flavours. 

Food is a fundamental element in our country, which unite friends and family around the table sharing life in great stories, recipes that are passed through generations, translating the culture and flavours of the different regions of Brazil. These are some of the reasons behind the Brazilian Cafe. We love when we often listen from our customers that our food take them in time, or the taste brings them great memories or that our dishes are so delicious. For Roberta and I, these feelings are our greatest treasures, same as our longlasting friendship.

In our menu, you will find a nourishing taste of Brazil from breakfast to burgers, salads and distinctive dishes from different traditions and regions of our country. Plus we offer a great range of Brazilian nibbles handcrafted by our awesome team. We offer a pleasant coffee coming from a premium area in central Brazil. The best Açaí, an international renowned berry, part of the ‘superfoods’, you find the at the Brazilian Cafe.

It´s amazing watching all the changes in these 9 years of existence of the Cafe, getting to know our customers, listen to their stories and introduce a bit more happiness into their lives with our food. Being able to represent our country regionally in such a beautiful place as New Zealand, definitely makes us very happy and appreciative of the great opportunity we have.

Brazilian Cafe, a place for a catch up with friends and family or for a business meeting. We also cater for parties, special occasions and corporate.


Talk to us to hire the cafe for your next event.

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