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Authentic brazilian sweets beijinhos with condensed milk and coconut close-up on the table

Tradition & Passion in one single experience
Fully Licensed

Centre Court

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We would like to thank 

each one of you for another brilliant year!

No matter how many bumps we find on the way

your smiles and support make it up for everything.

Merry Christmas & a blessed New Year ahead!

We will be back on the 16th Jan 2024

Monday to Friday only (for now)

Happy Holidays!

The team

Check our updates on

Instagram & Facebook

We are located inside of Albany Tennis Park

321 Oteha Valley Rd - Albany - Auckland - New Zealand


About our Food

In our menu you will find classics of the

traditional regional Brazilian cuisine.

We use 100% NZ meat, a lot of

local ingredients and some imported ones.


Not feeling like Brazilian Food? What about a

delicious scone with cream & jam, cakes,

salads, sandwiches and more. 

Plus we offer options GF, DF, vegetarian & Vegan.

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